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A commitment to delivering inspirational spaces and experiences

With around three decade of experience in the design and construction of a wide range of luxury spaces, Divine Int… has acquired the expertise it takes to be the perfect partner for your project. We take great pride in our meticulous attention to every design and construction detail and in our efficient project management systems that help us deliver the immersive results that our firm has come to be regarded for. With us, you have a dependable and transparent single point of contact by your side, every step of
the way.


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For almost thirty years, Divine Int…. has been delivering quality luxury interiors and has built a reputation centered around excellence. Branded and premium quality raw materials materials are thoughtfully assembled by experienced teams to ensure durability, longevity and exceptional detailing.


One Point Contact

Divine Interio turnkey service gives you a one point of contact for every matter relating to your project. You will not need to co-ordinate between designers, various contracting teams and multiple vendors. Our team will manage all aspects of the project for you and will update on the progress periodically.


Construction Timelines

Our advanced project management procedures and systems enable us to adhere to the most demanding construction timelines. Construction schedules are prepared, timelines are monitored and roadblocks are promptly attended to


Site Supervision and Quality Checks

Our trained and qualified site supervisors ensure that clear lines of communication are maintained between our design and construction teams. They generate daily reports on the progress at your site. Any delays or setbacks are promptly highlighted and then attended to by the design team or the management. Weekly quality checks are also carried out by the designer in charge of the project with the assistance of the site supervisor. The result is exquisite quality that is delivered to you on time.


Co-ordination with Vendors and Consultants

Our friendly and helpful team will co-ordinate with all the vendors, suppliers and
consultants involved in your project, so that you can have an accessible one point
contact for any questions, queries, comments or updates. Our goal is to make the
process more pleasurable and less stressful for you


Periodic Site Review

Depending upon your convenience, our designer in charge of your project will schedule periodic site visits with you, so that you can have a firsthand appreciation of the progress that is being made by our team. Any concerns that you may have are
addressed at these meetings and changes if any are deliberated and decided upon.
After this meeting, you will be sent the minutes via email for your approval and record.

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